Swipe Technique Online Course – Unique Cells and Lacing

Discover how to use your palette knife to create gorgeous abstract art!

This exciting Step-by-Step Course is led by Molly Leach, founder of Molly’s Artistry, an Internationally Known Abstract Artist.

Come learn how to master the swipe technique!

Fluid Art Method

The swipe technique is a fluid art method in which colors are layered over one another and then swiped over by another color. The results are absolutely beautiful and have so much interest due to the cells and lacing. This technique has so much versatility and can be used as the main focal point, or as a background for other artistic techniques.

The Background

Molly’s Artistry has been experimenting with the swipe technique for many years. This art technique involves mixing various mediums with acrylic paint, then using various swipe tools to create gorgeous cells and lacing. There are so many different recipes out there and Molly shares her EXACT recipes with you to help you create your own beautiful works of art! Molly shows you MANY different ways that a swipe can be used to create a gorgeous painting.

And the best news is….

This course will teach you step-by-step how to create many swipe technique paintings. This course will also give you MULTIPLE DIFFERENT recipes that are simple to use and available in many different areas of the world. This technique can be easily learned by people of all ages and backgrounds – including YOU! You do NOT have to have an art background to enjoy this creative painting technique.

Learn to Make Colorful and Unique Lacing and Cells!

Molly covers, in this full comprehensive course, the basics of acrylic paint, pouring mediums and swipe catalysts, mixing and consistency, color selection, composition, how to use various swipe tools, and multiple different swipe techniques! 

After you finish the course (online, and at your own pace),  you will have the knowledge needed to achieve consistent results. The course is easy to understand, and the best part is you can start immediately!