Swipe Technique Supply Guide

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About the Swipe Technique

The swipe technique involves taking fluid paints, layering in them in various manners, and using a tool to swipe colors over one another to create gorgeous patterns and motion. I love using the palette knife to do this technique but there are many other tools that can work. The swipe technique is so versatile and there are many ways to manipulate the paint on the canvas to create gorgeous paintings with cells and lacing. 

About Molly’s Artistry

I am a self-taught abstract fluid artist. I have lived in coastal cities my entire life and I started on this fluid art journey back in 2018. While I had been artistic my entire life, I found out my true passion was in abstract art. I went searching for a new form of abstract art to learn and soon found acrylic pouring and fluid art techniques. I started experimenting and soon found out that there was so much more to fluid art than I had ever imagined. I started documenting my journey on Youtube and things really took off from there. I now am the co-founder of Smart Art Courses, an online platform that teaches others how to paint and learn different artforms. Painting truly makes me happy.