Try My Level Up Art Stands!


These level up art stands are PERFECT for keeping your canvas elevated while you paint! 

They are made from durable synthetic material and the paint will peel right off once they are dry. This means that you can use them over and over again for years to come! 

I created these stands with fluid artists in mind. They are durable and hard enough to place very large canvases on them. They lift the canvas high off of the table so that you don’t have to hurt your back bending over. 

They are engraved with my logo and have push pins in you want to secure them more into the back side of the canvas (more for very large work). The push pins are not necessary, but help to make it more sturdy if needed. 

The stands do stack (as shown in the picture) although they still stand high when stacked. I made them stackable to save you on space! 

After use, no need to wipe down. You can let the paint dry (even after multiple uses) and simply peel the paint off after a few painting sessions. Make sure to peel the paint off of the bottom feet so that the stands will lay flat! 

They come as a set of 4. They are made in the USA and they ship very quickly to your front door! They come ready to use. 

Hope you will give them a try!