Swipe Technique Course – for  Unique Cells and Lacing

Discover how to use your palette knife to create gorgeous abstract art! 

This exciting Step-by-Step Course is led by Molly Leach, founder of Molly’s Artistry, an Internationally Known Abstract Artist.

Come learn how to master the swipe technique!

By Molly’s Artistry – Exclusive
Swipe Technique Course

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Exciting Fluid Art

Mastering the Swipe Technique:

Fluid Art Method

The swipe technique is a fluid art method in which colors are layered over one another and then swiped over by another color. The results are absolutely beautiful and have so much interest due to the cells and lacing. This technique has so much versatility and can be used as the main focal point, or as a background for other artistic techniques.

The Background

Molly’s Artistry has been experimenting with the swipe technique for many years. This art technique involves mixing various mediums with acrylic paint, then using various swipe tools to create gorgeous cells and lacing. There are so many different recipes out there and Molly shares her EXACT recipes with you to help you create your own beautiful works of art! Molly shows you MANY different ways that a swipe can be used to create a gorgeous painting.

And the best news is….

This course will teach you step-by-step how to create many swipe technique paintings. This course will also give you MULTIPLE DIFFERENT recipes that are simple to use and available in many different areas of the world. This technique can be easily learned by people of all ages and backgrounds – including YOU! You do NOT have to have an art background to enjoy this creative painting technique.



Exclusive Online Course

*The Swipe Technique Course*

Learn to Make Colorful and Unique Lacing and Cells!

Molly covers, in this full comprehensive course, the basics of acrylic paint, pouring mediums and swipe catalysts, mixing and consistency, color selection, composition, how to use various swipe tools, and multiple different swipe techniques! 

After you finish the course (online, and at your own pace),  you will have the knowledge needed to achieve consistent results. The course is easy to understand, and the best part is you can start immediately!

Get started!

Molly’s Artistry 

Exclusive Swipe Technique Course

Get to know Molly

Meet Your Expert Art Instructor

Molly Leach (Molly’s Artistry)

Molly Leach is an internationally known abstract artist located in South Florida. She has lived in coastal cities most of her life and she draws a lot of her inspiration from the ocean. She likes to emphasize color combinations, composition, and movement. This is why the swipe technique has become one of her favorite techniques!

Sneak peek!

 Everything You Need to Know is

Inside This Step-by-Step Online Course

Here’s a quick sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside the course…

1) Materials & Supplies

  • Discover what Materials & Supplies to use – recommended by Molly
  • Learn about various swipe tools and how to use them
  • Learn about the various mediums that help create cells and lacing

2) Acrylic Paint & Mixing

  • Understand the components of Acrylic Paint
  • Discover EXACTLY how to mix your paints and swipe catalyst & get the right consistency 
  • Get multiple different recipes for your swipe catalyst

3) Color Harmony & Composition

  • Learn about Composition and why it’s important 
  • Learn about Color Theories and how to use them in the swipe technique
  • Discovering how to choose and/or change your composition to create a painting you love

4) The Basics of Swiping

  • Learn about the various swiping tools + how to use them
  • Learn how stance and swipe patterns play a role in the final outcome
  • Learn about the various swipe catalysts/activators react


5) Multiple Different Ways to Swipe

The swipe technique is so versatile and there are many ways to manipulate the paint with a palette knife to create gorgeous paintings with cells and lacing. Molly shares with you some of her favorite techniques in a step-by-step format so that you can create beautiful artwork as well! 

  • Negative Space Swipe – Learn how to use negative space to make the colors be the focal point
  • Hombre Swipe – Create a beautiful color gradient swipe
  • Puddle Pour Swipe – Utilize multiple colors to create a unique design with lots of interest
  • Ring Pour Swipe – Create an amazing focal point with lines and swirls while creating lacing and cells
  • Swipe and Scoop – Let loose with this super fun technique where the outcome is left a bit to chance
  • Large Canvas Swipe – Make a HUGE statement and learn how to create large artwork using the swipe technique

Sometimes the most difficult part of creating an artwork from scratch is knowing where to start. By learning about the different techniques in which you can apply the swipe technique, you can level up your creativity!


    6) How to Troubleshoot the Most Common Problems

    • Find out how to fix pinholes and consistency issues
    • Learn how to avoid muddy colors
    • How to correct your paints and pouring medium if you are not getting cells and lacing
    • How to fix lumps in your paintings
    • How to fix lint in your varnish
    • …and much more!




    You Will Receive These Bonuses


    • BONUS #1! – Get Exclusive access to our private Facebook group and amazing fluid art community!
      • Connect directly with your course instructor, Molly
      • Share your artwork, get additional feedback and valuable insights, and support
      • Connect with like-minded artists
    • BONUS #2! – Learn 8 DIFFERENT recipes to use for the swipe technique
      • You will get multiple EXACT recipes so that you can create your swipe catalyst with materials you have
      • These recipes each create a different design using the swipe technique
    • BONUS #3! – Learn about cells with silicone!
      • Learn about silicone products and how to use them in your fluid artwork
      • Learn about 3 specific swipe techniques for cells and lacing with silicone
    • BONUS #4! – Multiple Worksheets for you to use
      • Fluid Art Journal
      • Consistency Worksheet
      • Color Context Worksheets
      • Color Wheel Worksheet

    Why The Swipe Technique Course is for YOU!

    This course is for beginners AND experienced artists. Molly shares all of her knowledge so that you can create gorgeous swipe technique paintings. 


    • You will get instant access to over 10 hours of instructional video from Molly

    • You will multiple worksheets to use, such as a fluid art journal, color wheel, and consistency

    • You will learn about density, opacity, and transparency and how they affect your painting

    • Learn about different mediums that create cells and lacing

    • Discover how to use your palette knife in a predictable and consistent manner

    • Take the guess work out of knowing which paint brands work

    • Molly has done a lot of the experimenting for you, so YOU don’t have to!

    • Start to get reliable consistent results with your paintings.

    • Learn a reliable method to test the consistency of your paints.

    • Get your questions answered:

      • What brands work as a swipe catalyst?

      • Will different swipe catalyst colors work?

      • Why does my lacing disappear?

      • Will all brands of paint work for the colors?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I follow your course at my own pace?

    Yes! You can! This is a pre-recorded course. You can login anytime to access the courses. You can go at your own pace. You have lifetime access.

    What supplies do I need?

    Molly explains and shows what products she uses and why she recommends them. She teaches you how you can choose supplies available to you and in your country.

    Do you offer feedback?

     Under the sections & video’s in our courses you can post comments. Molly will try to answer comments weekly. You can also share your beautiful artwork you make in the comments too!

    Do I have to buy Australian Floetrol for this Class?

    No. While it is Molly’s favorite swipe catalyst, she gives you multiple other options to use!

    Are there Subtitles?

    There are closed caption subtitles in English, French, Spanish and German at this time. Molly is working on subtitles for additional languages over the next few months.

    Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes. We have a 14-day refund policy. No questions asked. Email us here

    Can I get a Certificate?

    If you complete The Swipe Technique Masterclass, you will receive a digital certificate of completion.

    Can I take this course as a beginner?

    Yes! Molly goes through a background of fluid art, and brief discussion of chemistry, density, fluid art math to get a beginner up to speed. While this course does only go over the swipe technique, the principles can be applied to many fluid art and acrylic pouring techniques!

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    Molly’s Exclusive
    Swipe Technique Course

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    What My Students Say

    “This has been one of the best courses. I have learned so much, a big thank you for all of your hard work!”


    “Loving the course Molly! So much information! You are so talented and have an amazing amount of knowledge.” 


    “I have been practicing flow painting for 8 years and I have learned so much from your class! I do not regret this purachase at all, everything was perfect, clear and precious. You have a great teacher talent too. In short, a BIG THANK YOU! 


    “You should be so proud. This is the best course!! You are so personable, knowledgeable, and you can tell you love what you do. That love pours (no pun) over into your teaching. You want us to learn and do better. Thank you so much.”


    “I loved it! Lots of useful info so that in the long run you save money by having the right products and knowing how to mix them. Great Job Molly’s Artistry!”


    “Molly, this has been one of the best course! I have learned so much, a big thank you for all of your hard work putting this swipe technique course together.”